We are FULL for family memberships for 2024.

If you apply at this time for a family membership, you will be added to our waitlist for 2025.

We will process SINGLE membership applications upon receipt.


Please see information about touring the Club HERE.


General Membership Information

Please read through the following information.  The application to join is located at the bottom of this page.

Membership dues are currently as follows (dues subject to change annually) –

Dues were last increased in February 2024:

Family Membership (includes all residents of a household) = $825.00 per year + sales tax

Single Membership (one person) = $475.00 per year + sales tax

After paying 20 years of member dues, all memberships are automatically granted 21+ Years Membership = $420.00 per year + sales tax

In addition to the above annual membership dues, there is an initiation fee of $800 (+ sales tax) upon joining the Club.  The initiation fee is billed in two installments: $400 + sales tax in year 1 and $400 + sales tax in year 2.

Annual dues for each of the first two years are as follows:



Single Membership

Initiation Dues




Membership Dues




Sales Tax








Although dues are subject to change annually, below is an illustration of what annual dues would be invoiced in future years.  After 20 years of paid membership, members are upgraded to “21+ Years” status which is a reduced rate for all years of membership thereafter.

Annual dues for each year 3-20 of membership are as follows:



Single Membership


Membership Dues




Sales Tax








For the first two years of membership, a new member is considered to be an “Associate Member”.

For all memberships:

  • Memberships are autorenewing*.
  • The balance is due in full as of May 1st.
  • Invoices must be paid in full before a member is permitted to utilize the Club.
  • We do not offer payment plans.
  • Any member with an unpaid balance by the LATER of May 20th OR 7 days after the invoice date if initial invoice issued on or after April 24th is automatically terminated by the Board per our Bylaws and the membership spot is assigned to the first applicant on our waitlist.

* “Autorenewing” means that a new invoice will be posted to your account next year for you to ELECT to pay OR you can ELECT to resign your membership. The Club will not automatically process payment for annual dues for any member.

Every member must log into their portal account each year before May 1st to record your decision to renew or resign.

Additional Information To Consider

Our refund policy is located here

Our Bylaws are here

Our Club Rules are here.


Application process

How does this work? It’s easy!

  1. Submit your application (click the correct button below for either a family or single membership).
  2. There is a $25 non-refundable application fee. The fee is applied as a payment toward your first dues invoice. Should you apply but decline to become a member, the application fee is non-refundable and forfeited at the time you decline membership.
  3. If you indicate on your application that you have an FST Member sponsoring you, we will reach out to them for a referral letter on your behalf.
  4. Family applications are placed on our waitlist. Single applications are reviewed and processed upon receipt.
  5. Your application and referral letter (if applicable) will be reviewed by our Membership Committee.
    • Please note that family applications are typically reviewed in batches of 10 as spots become available in our membership (our Bylaws limit us to 290 total family memberships per year). 
    • Upon submitting your family application, you will receive an email containing a link to see your current status on our waitlist. Historically, the longest time spent on our waitlist is 10 months (eg, an application submitted in July with a spot opening up by the following May).
  6. Single applications are invoiced upon approval by the Membership Committee. Approved family applications remain on our waitlist and are invoiced when a spot becomes available. Denied applications will be notified by email.

Ready to apply for membership? Our online application is quick and easy! Click the appropriate button below to apply now for either a family or single membership.