Swim Team Coaches

Welcome back, Hannah, Kate & Maddie!

Shown from left to right: Kate, Hannah, and Maddie
Photo by: Larry Gardiner

Hannah Searle

My name is Hannah and this is my fourth year as the head coach. I  have been coming to FS&T for 22 years! I swam on FS&T’s club team since I was 9. I started swimming for FAST in 5th grade, then I swam for Firestone’s high school team. I love coaching at FS&T because the swimmers come each morning full of energy, which makes practice so much fun. My favorite memory from coaching came from the swim team banquet where the coaches raced the parents and the whole team gathered around the pool to cheer us on! 

Kate Davis

My name is Kate. I have been a member of the club for 16 years, my whole life. I’ve swam for the club team every year since I was 8, and I swam for FAST for 4 years. I’ve also swam for the Firestone High School team for two years. I love coaching at FST because it makes me very proud to see the kids improve throughout the season. My favorite memory is playing games with the older kids on fun Fridays every week.


Maddie Searle

My name is Maddie Searle. I’ve been a member of the pool since I was born! This is now my 4th year coaching at FS&T. I started swimming really young, being in both swim lessons since I was 3 and swim team here from when I was 5. I swam for FAST from 5th grade until I graduated high school. I swam for Firestone HS for all 4 years. Now, I’m going into my third year at the university of Akron and I still try head to the Akron pool whenever I can! 

I’ve loved coaching at FS&T these past couple years! Watching the kids grow from the beginning of the year to champs is such a fun experience. Being even a small part of these kids’ childhood memories of loving to swim is something I wouldn’t trade for anything, being someone who loves to swim and being able to remember all of the coaches I’ve had here and memories I enjoyed from all of them! 

I have so many amazing memories, fun Friday’s definitely come to mind. One specific recent memory I have that always makes me laugh is on the last fun Friday of the season last year when the kids snuck up on me and pushed me in the pool with all my clothes and shoes on!