Swim Team Volunteer Jobs and Donations

We are kindly requesting each family sign up for a minimum of 2 volunteer jobs AND 2 donations. 


Volunteer Jobs 


Announcer: This person will stand near the starter and announce each race. 

Bullpen: For parents of swimmers 10 & Under: This is one of the most important volunteer positions! These volunteers line up our youngest swimmers during meets so that they do not miss their events. We need to have 4 parents for all meets (home AND away). If you are new to the team, we will train you! Please bring a pen and a highlighter and plan on arriving at the pool 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet.

Timers: We will need a total of 9 timers for each meet. One person will act as the Head Timer, and there will be 1 timer per lane with 2 backup timers. You must be at the pool about 20 min before the start of the meet for the timer’s meeting with the meet official. 

Runner: We need 1 runner per meet. This person is in charge of getting time sheets and DQ slips to our computer volunteer so that times can be entered into the computer. You must be at the meet when it begins. 

Concession Delivery: This person will pick up the concessions and ice from Sam’s club prior to our home meets and bring them to the pool 45 minutes prior to the meet. 

Concession Stand:  We need 2 parents set up and man the concession table at each of our home meets.  You will still be able to watch your child swim their events. 

ASMA Championships: Our 2024 assignment for Champs is security and the on call board (3-4 people).  We also must provide 3-4 timers for the event



Donuts for Friday practices (6 Dozen for each of our 6 Friday practices)

Food and drinks for team breakfast

Ice cream and toppings for ice cream social

Side dish or dessert for team banquet