Swim Lessons

Member-only Swim Lessons

Welcome to the swim lesson info page!  All lessons are for paid members of Fairlawn Swim and Tennis only and not available for guest or public use.

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We have maximum teacher/student ratios for our lessons. Therefore, registration for any one session is NOT transferable to a different session. Additionally, if you miss a day in your registered session, you are NOT permitted to make it up in a later session.

We offer two types of swim lessons for our members:

  1. Private (Option #1 below) We are not accepting requests for private lessons at this time.
  2. Group (Option #2 below)

Please note that registration for group lessons closes 24 hours before the first class of the session starts.  All registrations for group lessons must be completed online through your member portal account.

Option #1– Private swim lessons to be scheduled based on your availability.

All levels, skills, and ages are offered with one-on-one instruction. Upon request for a private lesson, our manager will put you in touch with an instructor will contact you to schedule your lesson.

Each lesson is per household.

One child/person is $20 per 30-minute lesson and two children/people (similar skills) is $30 per 30-minute lesson.

Our levels are explained at the bottom of this page.

If you are interested in private lessons please contact our Club Manager to schedule at manager@fsandt.com!

The instructor will advise you on how to pay him/her directly.

Option #2– Group swim lessons.

One session is for 8 days: Monday through Thursday, for 30 minutes each day for 2 weeks.

Sessions are offered several times for each level throughout the season.

To see additional details or to register for swim lessons, please log into your member portal account.

Lessons cost $30 per session per child. The cost paid when registering covers paying the instructor.

Our levels are explained at the bottom of this page.


Fairlawn Swim and Tennis Swim Lesson Levels

  • Listed below are the skills a child would work on in a group session. Please pick the level that best describes your child currently. For example, if Child A can do all things or most things in Level 1 category we recommend signing Child A up for Level 2.
  • Be mindful that for Level One it might be helpful for an adult to be available to get in the water to help. 

Level One

1-Enter and exit the water using steps, a ladder, or a side.

2-Blow Bubbles.

3-Bobbing 5 times.

4-Open eyes and retrieve objects underwater.

5-Front and back float.

6-Front and back glide.

7- Kicking feet

Level Two 

1-Bobbing 10 times

2-Fully submerge their face and hold their breath (10sec).

3-Rotary breathing 5 times.

4-Front, back, and float.

5-Front and back glide independently.

6-Roll from front to back, back to front.

7-Combined arm and leg actions on front.

8-Tread water for 15 seconds.

Jump off the diving board.

Level Three

1- Jump into deep water from the side.

2- Headfirst entry from the side in deep water.

3-Rotary breathing

4-Survival float for 30 seconds.

5-Back Float 1 min.

6-Tread water for 1 min.

7-Swim Elementary Backstroke for 15 yards.

8-Swim backstroke for 15 yards.

9-Flutter, scissors, breaststroke, and dolphin kicking.

10-Jump off the diving board.

Level Four 

1-Swim 25 yards of front crawl.

2-Swim 25 yards of Elementary Backstroke.

3-Swim 15 yards of Breastroke.

4-Swim 15 yards of backstroke.

5-Swim 15 yards of butterfly.

6-Swim 15 yards of Sidestroke.

7-Open turns for front and back.

8-Flutter and Dolphin kick on Back.

9-Push off in a streamlined position.

10-Jump off the diving board.

Level Five

1-Swim 50-100 yards of front crawl.

2-Swim 50-100 yards of Elementary Backstroke.

3-Swim 25-100 yards of Breastroke.

4-Swim 50-100 yards of backstroke.

5-Swim 25 yards of butterfly.

6-Swim 25-100 yards of Sidestroke

7- Kick 100 yards of any kick.

8- Flip turns for front and back.