Club Rules



  1. Any person interfering with the enjoyment or jeopardizing the safety of others may have their swimming privileges suspended. Any complaints or suggestions concerning the operation of the pool can be given to the manager for consideration by the Pool Committee.
  2. The pool hours, weather permitting, will be published at this link. Exceptions to these times include swim lessons, swim meets, splash parties and any time that the pool is being treated with chemicals.
  3. The pool cannot be used when unattended by a lifeguard except during the published “Family Swim” time whereby parents and adult caregivers are responsible for supervising their children.
  4. All members and guests must check in prior to using the pool.
  5. The Club accepts no responsibility for items left on the premises.
  6. Persons using the lockers must bring their own locks. Locks must be removed daily and immediately before leaving the Club grounds. Valuables should not be left in the lockers.
  7. All children in the pool area 12 years of age and younger MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN present in the pool area.
  8. Children under 16 years of age must vacate the pool by 5:00 PM unless a parent or guardian is present on the Club property.
  9. Persons having any skin disease, bad colds, and cuts requiring stitches, open sores, athlete’s foot, infections or contagious diseases are not permitted in the pools.
  10. All bandages must be removed before entering the pool.
  11. Playing tag, wrestling, pushing, running, throwing persons in the water, towel snapping, and all other objectionable conduct or language is prohibited.
  12. Small inflated “beach balls” and “splash balls” will be allowed. No tennis balls or baseballs are allowed. Basketballs are only for the water basketball under the supervision of the lifeguard. No balls will be allowed on crowded days.
  13. Use of rafts must be approved at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.
  14. No diving in shallow end of pools.
  15. Only use ladders to climb out of the deep area of the pool. There is no swimming under the diving boards.
  16. The baby pool is for the use of children under 5 years of age or younger. A parent or guardian must be with a young child in the enclosed baby pool area at all times. There is no lifeguard supervision of the baby pool.
  17. Check with lifeguards or manager on duty with any questions or problems experienced.
  18. No glass is permitted in the fenced pool deck area.
  19. All alcoholic beverages in the fenced pool deck area should be in a non-descript container.
  20. In case of thunder or lightning, the pool deck area must be cleared. Pool patrons may not re-enter the pool deck area until the area is deemed safe by the pool manager on duty.


  1. Tennis shoes must be worn at all times. No shoes with ridges, cleats, heels or hard soles permitted. This rule pertains to all players and spectators.
  2. Proper tennis attire is required at all times.
  3. Adults 18 and over have court preference after 5:00 PM on weekdays, and all day on weekends and holidays.
  4. Overnight house guests are welcome any time, no guest fee. Other guests pay the current prevailing guest fee, per person, to lifeguard on duty. Same rules apply to preseason and postseason play.
  5. The Club Management, Tennis Pro or court maintenance personnel are the only ones authorized to open the courts for play. Further, if the courts are closed due to weather, no persons should enter upon the courts until re-opened for play.
  6. No Alcoholic beverages are permitted in the courts. All food and beverages shall be kept in the tennis shelter area. Courts are for tennis only. No bicycles, skateboards, inline skates, or other sports are permitted.
  7. Please dispose of all waste materials (tennis ball cans/lids, etc.) in a proper trash receptacle.
  8. Please be respectful of other members and leave the court in good condition. Members are permitted to use the court brooms and line brushes. However, if a member uses a court broom or line brush that piece of equipment should be returned to the proper storage place.
  9. Proper language and conduct is required at all times. Common sense rules of decency and respect, which we all should know, apply.
  10. All tennis players must sign in at the guard shack or with the tennis pro on duty.
  11. In case of thunder or lightning, the tennis courts must be cleared. Tennis patrons may notreturn until the area is deemed safe by the pool manager on duty.



  1. There will be no smoking permitted on the grounds of the facility.
  2. The use of cell phones and recording devices in the locker rooms is prohibited.
  3. Picnic tables and grills are for use on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  4. Parking on the grass area is prohibited at all times except for the grassy parking area adjacent to courts #4, 5, and 6.
  5. Anyone who chooses to park on the grass adjacent to the parking lot will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.
  6. For purposes of staffing lifeguards, all parties must be approved by the Club Manager in advance either in person, by phone or via e-mail.
  7. No pets of any kind are permitted anywhere on the property at any time.