Club Rules

Host Your Party at the Club!

We welcome your guests for your personal parties!  Guests are billed in accordance with our guest fee policy.

For purposes of staffing lifeguards, all parties must be approved by the Club Manager in advance.

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Tennis Attire

Proper tennis attire is required at all times.

Tennis shoes must be worn at all times. No shoes with ridges, cleats, heels or hard soles permitted. This rule pertains to all players and spectators.


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Reminders about the Pool

Playing tag, wrestling, pushing, running, throwing persons in the water, towel snapping, and all other objectionable conduct or language is prohibited.

Small inflated “beach balls” and “splash balls” will be allowed. No tennis balls or baseballs are allowed. Basketballs are only for the water basketball under the supervision of the lifeguard. No balls will be allowed on crowded days.

Use of rafts must be approved at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.

No diving in shallow end of pools.

Only use ladders to climb out of the deep area of the pool. There is no swimming under the diving boards.

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Children in the Pool Area

All children in the pool area 12 years of age and younger MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN present in the pool area.

Children under 16 years of age must vacate the pool by 5:00 PM unless a parent or guardian is present on the Club property.

The baby pool is for the use of children under 5 years of age or younger. A parent or guardian must be with a young child in the enclosed baby pool area at all times. There is no lifeguard supervision of the baby pool.

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