Referral Program

The FS&T board has put together a marketing committee aimed at adding new members and maintaining our current valued Members. Our greatest asset is you and we ask that the Members continue to assist the club in bringing in new members. 


The current member who makes the referral has the option to gift the $100 referral credit to the new member. The $100 can be gifted in part or in full (ie: keep $50, gift $50).  

FS&T has always been family oriented club so in honor of that the Club is offering an additional $100 credit off of the joining fee for any new member who is either a brother, sister, child, or parent of a current FS&T Member.  You must indicate in your referral letter that the new member is a relative in order to receive the additional $100.

Please note that we are approaching our maximum member limit.  Once we have maximum members, the referral program will be discontinued.