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We currently have a waitlist for family membership spots that is quickly growing for 2021! 
Who doesn’t love a tour?!  We are happy to show you around our facilities at your convenience.  Tours can be coordinated with our Club Manager, Elena, at 330.864.9060 or

Information about annual dues and the initiation fee is found here.

Complete the convenient online application below for membership consideration.  Please do not submit more than one application.  We know how excited you are to start using the facility and we do everything we can to get you up and running quickly.  However, applications are usually processed within 1-2 business days.  If you have submitted an application and not heard from FSTC within 2 business days, please check in with our accountant, Kelley Brubaker, at 330.382.6768 or

Please do not submit payment until your application has been reviewed and approved.  Upon approval, you will receive an invoice and additional information about the Club by e-mail.

Sponsors for applicants may e-mail letters of recommendation to our Membership Chair, Paul Skerlong, or our CPA, Kelley Brubaker, via e-mail at

There is an $800 joining fee for all new members that is spread out over the first two years of membership ($400 is due in the first year and $400 is due in the second year).

Please enter the information below to submit your application.

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-> Family = Everyone who resides in your house
-> Single = Applicant only - all others who join you at the Club are your guests billed at $5 per guest per day

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By clicking on the "Submit" button below, you are submitting your information to the Club for consideration of membership. Your application will be processed as submitted and an invoice will be sent to you after your application is processed.

Invoices issued before May 1st are due on or before May 1st. Invoices issued on or after May 1st are due in full upon receipt. The Club facilities cannot be used until the invoice is paid in full.

Refund policy:

** Please contact us at if you have any unanswered questions BEFORE submitting an application for membership. Thank you!