Important Member Information

Entrance: All club member’s account balances must be paid in full before using the club facilities. Any questions contact our Treasurer, Nikki Moshier, or our Club CPA, Kelley Brubaker, at Thank you.

**All members and guests entering the club will be stopped at the gate and asked to check in with your member number. Also at this time, you will be required to sign in to all guests. This policy includes all members using the facilities. Additional information regarding guests can be found here.

Skateboarding: Due to insurance reasons, skateboarding will not be permitted at the Club.

Private Party Rules: Please check with our Club Managers for all birthday and large parties. (There is a limit to the size of any party. Children’s Birthday parties require that there be at least one adult for every 7 kids.) This will ensure that there are no other conflicts and that the club will be open in case of inclement weather. Also please make sure that all guests are registered.

Club rules and Club Bylaws provide additional information for members.