Important Member Information

This page is to provide clarity about these important topics.  Please visit Club rules and Club Bylaws to see full membership information.

Entrance: All club member’s account balances must be paid in full before using the club facilities. Any questions contact our Treasurer, Nikki Moshier, or our Club CPA, Kelley Brubaker, at Thank you.

**All members and guests entering the club will be stopped at the gate. 

  • Members will be asked to check in with their member number. Members can find their member number by logging into their member portal account.
  • Guest passes must be pre-paid prior to the guest’s arrival at the Club regardless if the guest is arriving in a member’s vehicle or in a separate vehicle.
  • Guest passes are NOT sold at the gate. Passes are available for purchase in your member portal account. Upon arrival at the gate, guests will be verified against the pre-paid guest passes purchased for that day based on the member’s name.
  • Additional information regarding guests can be found here.

Skateboarding: Due to insurance reasons, skateboarding will not be permitted at the Club.

Private Party Rules:

  • Parties must be booked in advance.
  • Information on how to book a date is available in your member portal account.
  • There is a limit of two parties per day. One party can be held from 12-4 and one party can be held from 4-8 daily.
  • There is a limit to the size of any party to ensure adequate lifeguard staffing for everyone’s safety.
  • For additional safety, children’s parties require that there be at least one adult for every 7 kids.