February 25, 2018

Member Letter 2018

Happy New Year from the FS&T Board!

Welcome 2018!  Summer is just a few short months away and we cannot wait to see everyone enjoying themselves at the pool or on the tennis courts.  In 2017 we had a very successful year with new members and we look forward to more new members in 2018.  Thank you for any referrals provided in 2017 and we will continue to have the referral program for 2018.  Details on the referral program can be found here on our website.   We look forward to seeing everyone on opening day, May 26, 2018.  Bring all your friends and family and show them what kind of fun we have at Fairlawn Swim and Tennis.
CONGRATULATIONS to our newest “Senior” Members! This does not mean they are old! 😉  It means that these members have been paying members for over 20 years!

Tony & Martha Meconi                     Scott & Mary Ann Haley              James & Debbie Pianalto



Family Members:  $731.24 ($685.00 plus sales tax) New Family Members1:  $1,158.24

Single Members:    $384.30 ($360.00 plus sales tax) New Single Members1:  $811.30

Senior Members:   $ 341.60 ($320.00 plus sales tax)

  1. Please note: New Members pay a joining fee of $800.00 which is spread out $400.00 per year over the first two years of membership.

With the Club being a non-profit entity, we as a Board, we are always working to be prudent financial managers.  Annual membership dues cover our day-to-day operating expenses.  All membership dues in excess of actual annual expenses are added to collected initiation dues and reinvested into the Club’s facilities.



Dues can be paid by credit card through PayPal.  The convenience fee to pay by credit card is 3% of the total payment for any member who pays through PayPal.  This 3% convenience fee will automatically be added by PayPal when a transaction is processed through PayPal.  Therefore, when submitting a payment through PayPal, please enter the payment due per your invoice.  PayPal will calculate and add the 3% due to cover the processing charges.  Being a non-profit entity, we need to be prudent with managing funds while expanding payment options to our members.



FS&T has discontinued the payment plan.  This decision was due to the administration of payment plans via PayPal which was not easy to manage.  Please keep in mind that invoices have a due date of May 1, 2018.  If you wish to make multiple payments, you can create a payment plan yourself by making periodic payments via check or PayPal.  A monthly statement will be sent to you showing your payment history and current balance due.



FS&T will again have an early payment drawing for 2018.  The incentive drawing will be held on Memorial Day Weekend.  As in years past, there will be a drawing for $250.00 for members who are paid in full by March 15 via PayPal or Check.   All checks must be postmarked no later than 3/15/2018.



We are excited to say that Club Manager- Elena Gibbons, Assistant Manager- John Nauer and Head Tennis Pro-Alan Walker, will all be returning to the Club for 2018 Season. 



New events in 2017 included an adult BBQ party and Mommy & Me lessons! 

In 2017, we made over $31,000 capital improvements that include;

  • Multiple doors throughout the Club were replaced
  • New pool cleaner robot
  • New grills
  • Pool pump replaced
  • Converted our chlorinators to liquid
  • Gazebo & guard shack repainted
  • New chairs and tables


Thank you for your continued support of FS&T. We look forward to seeing you at our Open House on Memorial Day weekend!


2018 FS&T Board  

Ray Wayt, President Mike Bussan, Grounds Chair
Matt Askea, Vice President  Paul Skerlong, Membership Chair
Nikki Moshier, Treasurer Sandy Maxson, Special Events Chair
Sieglinde O’Neil, Secretary Kristen Birkbeck, Communications Chair
Heather Kirschbaum, Swim Team/Synchro Chair  


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