January 25, 2017

Member Letter 2017


Happy New Year from the FS&T Board!

We hope you and yours had a fantastic Holiday Season and are excited for summer to be here!  We continued to add many new families in 2016, ending the year with 313 memberships.  This was an increase of 12 new families.  We would like to thank all the members that you have referred, helping us grow each year.  For 2017, we have 30 memberships available, and we will continue the membership referral program we have had in the past.  Each new member you refer will qualify you for a referral fee.  Details regarding referrals can be found on our website at here.  When membership levels become full, the referral program may be reduced or eliminated.

There will be a FS&T Open House Memorial Day Weekend (details to follow).  Make sure to spread the word to prospective members!  Any questions, contact Membership Chair Dave Carlson at thor333dtc@gmail.com.

CONGRATULATIONS to our newest Senior Members! This does not mean they are old; it means that these members have been paying members for 20 years!

Chris and Gigi Kostoff                       Jeff and Sandra Kornick       W. Stuver Parry         Ed Esber

Bob and Diane Heffern                    Dale and Laurie Fortune      Vicki England Patton



Family Members:  $731.24 ($685.00 plus sales tax) New Family Members1:  $1,158.24

Single Members:    $384.30 ($360.00 plus sales tax) New Single Members1:  $811.30

Senior Members:   $ 341.60 ($320.00 plus sales tax)

  1. Please note: New Members pay a joining fee of $800.00 which is spread out $400.00 per year over the first two years of membership.

As a board, we are always working to be prudent financial managers. In 2016, we were able to hold off on any membership increases.  FS&T had some increases in materials and operational expenses and an unexpected repair expense.  The increase of dues of $35 per membership will increase our revenue (and cash) by approximately $11,000 per year based on membership at the of the 2016 season. This small increase will help fund:

Increasing operating expenses:

  • Payroll expenses have increased over 30% over the last 5 years due to increased hourly wages combined with increased staffing needed to manage the increased membership.
  • Annual maintenance of Hartru tennis surfaces.
  • Security service who visits the FS&T every night to secure the property and lock the gate after closing

Planned capital expenditures

  • Refinishing rear tennis practice wall boards
  • Replacement of railroad ties at the front of tennis courts and next to driveway adjacent to picnic area
  • Repairing and repainting gazebos, guard shack and rear tennis hut
  • New steel entry doors throughout facility
  • Options for driveway overhaul/resurfacing
  • Assessment of fencing along driveway
  • New façade for building exterior walls
  • Lighting update/repair underneath deck
  • New sprinkler heads for tennis courts
  • New chairs and grills, increasing the number on hand in addition to replacing old/broken ones


Dues can still be paid by credit card through PayPal.  The Club has change the convenience fee to 3% of the total payment for any member who pays through PayPal.  (It was previously $25 one time convenience fee per year.)  This 3% convenience fee will automatically be added by PayPal when a transaction is processed through PayPal.  Therefore, when submitting a payment through PayPal, please enter the payment due per your invoice.  PayPal will calculate and add the 3% due to cover the processing charges.  Being a non-profit entity, we need to be prudent with managing funds while expanding payment options to our members.

The Club will continue to offer a payment plan via PayPal.  Members need to register with the Club’s accountant, Kelley Brubaker (club@fsandt.com) no later than February 15, 2017.  Payments must start by this date for the program which will entail four equal monthly payments to cover 100% of dues over February, March, April, and May 2017.  Monthly payments are required to be processed through PayPal which will incur a 3% convenience fee.  Once setup, the payments will be automatically processed by PayPal on the 15th of each month for 4 months.


FS&T will again have an early payment drawing for 2017.  The incentive drawing will be held on Memorial Day Weekend.  As in years past, there will be a drawing for $250.00 or newly added this year is the option to have a designated parking spot for the 2017 season for members who meet these qualifications:

  1. For all members (including new members) paid in full by March 15 via PayPal or Check.   All checks must be postmarked no later than 3/15/2017.
  2. For all members (including new members) enrolled in the payment plan via PayPal with payments starting by 2/15/2017.


We are currently interviewing candidates for Club Manager.  We are very happy to say that Assistant Manager- John Nauer and Head Tennis Pro-Alan Walker, will all be returning to the Club for 2017 Season. 


In 2016 we made over $17,000 capital improvements that include;

  • Pool covers for both pools
  • Pool filters
  • Replaced worn deck chairs and lounges with new ones ordered for 2017
  • Pool vacuum
  • New tennis nets and windscreens
  • Pool deck repaired and resealed
  • Well pump (Club remained open during this repair)

The loan that funded the 2012 capital improvements was paid in full in December 2016!

Thank you for your continued support of FS&T. We look forward to seeing you at our Open House on Memorial Day weekend!

2017 FS&T Board  

Ray Wayt, President Mike Bussan, Grounds Chair
Matt Askea, Vice President  Dave Carlson, Membership Chair
Eric Agosti, Treasurer Sandy Maxson, Special Events Chair
Sieglinde O’Neil, Secretary Kristen Birkbeck, Communications Chair
Heather Kirschbaum, Swim Team/Synchro Chair  


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