Synchronized Swimming


To join in the Fairlawn Swim & Tennis Synchro Program you must be a paid member of the club. Kids ages 5 and up are welcome to join.

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The 2017 Synchro Show will be TBA

Coaches: Hannah Stutler, Kate Eickoff, & Olivia Kirschbaum

Hannah Stutler is joining the Fairlawn Swim and Tennis synchronized swimming program as a first year coach this year, and will bring her 10 years of synchronized swimming experience with her. Hannah is going into her junior year at Firestone high school where she is on the swim team and president of the Synchronized swimming club.

Kate Eickoff has been on the synchronized swimming team for two years at Firestone High School. Kate will be a junior at Firestone this fall, and is currently enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program at school. She is a member of the Firestone Color Guard, Catalina Club and French Club.

Olivia Kirschbaum has been a part of the synchronized swimming program at Fairlawm Swim and Tennis for seven years. Olivia is a member and vice president of the synchronized swimming team at Firestone high school.